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LDgolf - TPI & K-VEST Programmes

LDgolf TPI & K-VEST Programmes

Often in the game, swing faults are derived from physical limitations. These programs are for players who want to improve their physical conditioning and performance. As a TPI & K-VEST certified coach, Liam has a range of packages to help players develop across a number of areas.

T.P.I Player Screening

The T.P.I screening process helps to identify any physical factors that are limiting a player's performance. The screening provides an accurate way to identify the problem areas in your body that may be having a negative effect on your golf swing.

A screening includes:

A full report on these findings and comparison to the average PGA touring professional.
A customized drills and exercise program to help eliminate these limitations.


Power Golf

This program is for the golfer looking to learn how to develop more club head Speed and distance. we will evaluate your swing mechanics and any physical limitations and provide a personalized workout and training program to improve your club head, ball speed, accuracy, flexibility, and your over-all golf game. In tandem with this we will look at the important parameters associated with creating power:

Maximising the kinematic sequence.
Equipment profiling.
Clubhead delivery & impact.

This six lesson programme uses K-VEST, GC2 & video analysis in each one hour lesson over a two month period.

Fee: 250

Injury Prevention Programme

Injuries often blight one's ability to play and enjoy the game. Many players play the game all their life with some form of injury, but this doesn't have to be the case With our injury prevention program we will evaluate the source of your problems and help you address these issues. the program includes:

TPI assessment to find the primary sources of weakness and development of a personalised fitness program to help address these weakness.
K-VEST biomechanical analysis to assess biomechanical parameters that are causing the pain.
Introduction of a prevention plan to help ensure that pain can be managed and controlled pre round & on course

TPI assessment package-specific biomechanical parameters are assessed and then carries out over a six week program with a T.P.I assessment, two K-VEST feedback sessions & three one hour golf lessons.
Fee: 250