Professional Golf Coaching Programmes.

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LDgolf - Club Team Coaching

LDgolf Club Team Coaching

Many clubs like to prepare panels for team events such as Pierce Purcell, Senior Cup and Barton Shield by offering coaching to help them perform at their peak in such events. A coaching program, focused on technique improvement, course management, golf biomechanics and sport psychology.

Each individual would carry out a skills assessment of strengths and weaknesses to help increase awareness of what areas to focus on.

The program would be run over eight weeks as follows:

Week 1: Skills assessment.
Week 2: TPI assessment.
Week 3: Short game skills development.
Week 4: Sports psychology session.
Week 5: Course management session (on course).
Week 6: Individual lessons.
Week 7: Skills reassessment.
Week 8: Nine hole assessment (Pro assesses individual's behaviour & performance on course).

Fee:125/person, min. of 4 persons, max of 8 persons.