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LDgolf - Foresight GC2 Based Tuition

LDgolf Foresight GC2 Based Tuition

Lessons with the Foresight GC2 allows us to take a detailed look at the finer points of the game including:

Custom Fitting

Club and ball fit to help a player maximise performance with their equipment. This one hour program would allow us to help ensure a player equipment is ideal for them.

Wedge Play Development

Development a range of specific wedge shots to maximise performance and scoring on the course Distance awareness: one hour lesson to increase awareness of distances and shot shapes achieved with each club in the bag.

Course Strategy Development

Using the creative golf 3d software on the launch monitor, we can work on understanding the importance of judgement in performance and develop on course strategies to improve scores.


  • 50 per session series of five 200
  • Junior 40 per session series of five 160